The first night at home with a newborn

After not knowing what to really expect from bringing a newborn baby home, I thought I would write a little blog post on my thoughts and feelings about our first few days at home with Theo.


I had been told by so many people that ‘nothing can prepare you for those first few days’ – but I hadn’t thought much of it. I was lucky enough to come home the same day I had Theo. This wasn’t forced upon me by Midwives, it was down to personal preference and I felt fit and well to go home that evening. I remember arriving home with Theo and Sean and we both just looked at each other as if to say ‘what do we do now?!’

I remember Theo being pretty quiet and sleepy to begin with, so Sean and I sat and tried to carry on as we would usually. I felt quite anxious when I was doing anything, that Theo would wake up or need a feed. I was breastfeeding him, which had been going okay so far – however I did not realise what would come over the following few nights.
It’s pretty crazy that you go through hours of labour and giving birth which mean you are completely exhausted, and then you are faced with a tiny little human who has no idea how to live outside of your body – well that’s how I felt anyway!
As we settled for the night, I got Theo’s Moses basket ready perfectly, placed him in – feet at the bottom of the basket with a couple of blankets thinking he would sleep for a couple of hours (at least!) – oh boy was I wrong. The minute I placed him in the basket, he started to cry. I picked him up and gave him a short feed, then placed him back in. However, this seemed to go on and on and on throughout the ENTIRE night. I realise that this is completely normal for very new babies, but when you are exhausted from giving birth, all sanity goes out of the window.
I remember sat in the spare bedroom thinking to myself ‘how will we ever sleep again?!’ – and genuinely believing that Theo would never sleep at night. I have since spoke to many mummy friends who have said the exact same thing! My partner was the biggest help during the night, pacing around the house with Theo to try and calm him when I was exhausted from breastfeeding every 30 minutes.
I really don’t know how much sleep I got that first night, maybe none? Who knows?! But I remember feeling quite positive on getting up that morning, hopped in the shower and waited for the midwife to arrive. When I look back on this, I’m pretty sure it was adrenaline getting me through – I am definitely not superwoman! The first ten days or so remained pretty crazy and a blur, but it is so important to sit back and appreciate the teeny tiny newborn stage as it really does not last forever.
Bringing your newborn home is the most exciting, yet terrifying time of your life. You suddenly realise that you have complete responsibility over this little human being who has no clue how to live outside of you! It is so hard to really enjoy and remember the first few days at home, as it’s all such a blur. My biggest saving grace was speaking to other mums who comforted me by saying it DOES get better. At the time you wonder how you will ever cope, but time passes by and I can confidently say it really does get better!


Izzie xx

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