From bump to baby Theo

This blog post is a little different. During my pregnancy I recorded the growth of my bump by taking pictures in the same spot. I intended to do this every week, but more or less ended up every couple of weeks! My bump was pretty small to start off with, so I didn’t start taking pictures until I was 23 weeks pregnant.

I hadn’t thought of doing bump pictures until my friend showed me hers. I instantly thought what a fabulous idea! And then went on to do my own. I’m so, so glad that I did this – as it is amazing to look back at how my bump changed throughout the weeks. I was even able to see the changing shape of my bump, and when it dropped at around 35 weeks.

As a first time mum, I remember wondering how big I would get on certain weeks and constantly searching through other women’s bump pictures. That’s why I thought I’d share my own. If at all useful to anyone, I will be happy! And if not, it is the most wonderful keepsake of pictures for me to look back on in the future! Enjoy!

23 weeks pregnant
24 weeks pregnant
25 weeks pregnant
27 weeks pregnant
29 weeks pregnant
31 weeks pregnant
32 weeks pregnant
35 weeks pregnant
37 weeks pregnant
38+5 weeks pregnant
39+3 weeks pregnant

I never actually managed to get a 40 week bump picture as he came on his due date! So, the final bump picture I got was this selfie just four days before Theo was born.

Once Theo was three months old, I FINALLY managed to finish my little bump update collage off – but with him this time! Below is the final result.

bump newwww

Looking back, I really enjoyed doing my bump pictures. As well as being fun at the time, I was able to compare how much I had grown each week and whether the shape of my bump had changed. Sean also became a dab hand at being my photographer (sorry Sean!). I would definitely recommend doing this sort of thing if you are pregnant – I love being able to have these pictures to keep forever and to show Theo one day.

Izzie xx



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