My pregnancy experience: The first trimester 

Reflecting on my pregnancy, I can honestly say that the first trimester was the worst for me. I found out that I was pregnant when I was about 6-7 weeks, but the first symptom I experienced was sore boobs for around a week before I took a test. I didn’t have a clue that I was pregnant – just took a test to rule out pregnancy, and there it was, two POSITIVE lines!

There is so much more to my story when looking back on the first trimester. However, once I had made an appointment with the Midwife and had my booking appointment, things started to feel a whole lot more real! It’s hard to describe at first – but I most certainly did not feel pregnant until I had experienced my first scan at the hospital and could see my baby up on the screen. Until that point, I felt pretty numb, not happy or sad. Just as if it wasn’t really happening to me at the time. 

Our pregnancy announcement

I always remember people being so excited, checking in the mirror to see if a little bump had appeared in the early weeks of pregnancy. I was guilty of this! I would look in the mirror, lay down, breathe in – but I didn’t have any sign of a bump until I was around 18 weeks pregnant! Some people show earlier than others, however being a first-time mum meant that my muscles were all still in tact! 

The first sign of a little bump!

The worst part about the first trimester was the horrendous morning sickness I experienced. When people tell you about sickness in pregnancy, you think it may be feeling a little sick now and then or maybe going off certain foods. However, this was NOT the case for me! 
My sickness started around a week after I had taken a positive pregnancy test, when I was around 7 weeks pregnant. It suddenly started one morning with me feeling so sick to the point that all I could to was sleep. The sickness lasted all day every day for about two weeks. When I say all day every day, it got to the point where I was sipping water and nibbling on crackers as that was all that I could stomach. 
I searched the internet for hours trying to find solutions. Many people suggested similar ideas; eating lot’s of small meals a day, ginger, plain foods – but nothing seemed to work for me! The best thing I found to help my sickness was to just sleep throughout the day (which I appreciate isn’t easy for everyone to do). I was really lucky that this horrendous sickness happened during my two week break from University, so I was able to sleep and have plenty of rest at that point. 

One of the only things which seemed to help my sickness was eating lots of fresh fruit and veg. I often ate pineapple or an apple for breakfast – and this really settled my stomach (most days!!). The sickness did ease off after a couple of weeks, however I still continued feeling nauseous and being sick until around week 13 of pregnancy. 

I honestly felt like the sickness was never-ending and wished I had someone to tell me it would end! So, if you’re at that stage now, I promise you that it does get better. 

As for other symptoms of pregnancy, I don’t feel like I experienced them. Feeling tired, hungry, going to the loo more often and getting frequent headaches were not symptoms I remember noticing during the early days of pregnancy. 
It just goes to show how unique and personal pregnancy is to each woman – and that googling symptoms or cures to morning sickness doesn’t often help!

All in all, I didn’t really enjoy the first trimester of pregnancy too much. However, with the appointment for my scan booked and ready for week 13 of pregnancy, it meant I had something to focus on and begin to feel excited for. 

Izzie xx 


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